Get Your Terms Settled In A Legal Separation In Maryland

In some situations, couples who are splitting up may not either want to undertake the major legal action of divorce or may not be eligible to file for divorce right away.

Whatever the situation may be for you, it is always important that you discuss all options with a legal separation lawyer who has the skill and experience to help.

At Tracy Miller Law, LLC, in Columbia, I can assist you with understanding your eligibility to file for divorce and help you determine if separation may be right for you.

What A Separation Agreement Covers

In a separation agreement, you and your spouse can legally live apart without having to divorce or while you are preparing for divorce. When you file a separation agreement, you and your spouse are both agreeing to continue living as husband and wife, but at separation locations. The agreement may outline matters such as:

These agreements and provisions are enforced by the Maryland court, and any modifications to them will need to be requested with the help of a family lawyer. If you and your spouse feel that you can reach amicable resolutions to your split and you do not want to proceed with a divorce, I can inform you of your options for drafting a separation agreement.

Dedicated Legal Counsel For Your Case

I work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected. I also strive to ensure that your desired outcomes are reached. During a separation or a divorce, emotions may be running high. With my counsel and assistance, we may be able to find an amicable resolution in a swift amount of time. Call 410-941-4760 or contact me online to get your questions answered and find out more. I serve clients in Columbia and throughout central Maryland.