Protecting You And Your Loved Ones With Orders Of Protection

Restraining orders are known as peace orders or protective orders in Maryland. If you have suffered abuse from your spouse or intimate partner, a protective order issued by the court can offer you legal protection.

If you have been mistreated, Tracy Miller Law, LLC, can come alongside you and handle the legal aspects of your case, including keeping your abuser from hurting you again. As a family law attorney with extensive experience, I understand the process, paperwork and deadlines involved.

How Can I Obtain A Protective Order?

You can file for a domestic violence protective order (DVPO) in any district or circuit court in Maryland. If the clerk’s office is open, you can file with them, otherwise, you can file with a District Court commissioner.

Have the following items as you begin the DVPO process:

  • Pictures of any visible injuries and bruises
  • Copies of any police reports
  • Determine if anyone saw the abuse and ask them to testify on your behalf
  • Talk to the police about filing criminal charges if you have not done so already

This will help ensure that you obtain the protective order you and your loved ones need to have peace of mind. I handle domestic violence issues in my family law practice and have a comprehensive understanding of this process. I am here to answer your questions and support you.

What Does A Protective Order Do?

In essence, a protective order keeps your abuser away from you for a period of time. Though an attorney is not required for you to obtain a DVPO, it is highly recommended that you get legal advice before starting the process so you are fully briefed on your options. Three types of protective orders are available – interim, temporary and final.

All types of protective orders can do any or all of the following:

  • Order the abuser to not abuse or threaten you or anyone else
  • Prohibit the abuser from contacting or harassing you
  • Forbid the abuser from entering your home
  • Keep your abuser from you and/or your children’s place of work, school or temporary residence
  • Order your abuser to leave your home if your name is on the lease or deed if you have shared the home with the abuser at least 90 days

As an established attorney with a thriving family law practice, I know the Maryland court system and law enforcement. I can advise you on the process, what will happen, what to do and what to avoid.

Don’t Wait To Protect Yourself

Filing for a protective order can be a confusing and emotional ordeal. For this reason, you should obtain legal counsel from a qualified Columbia, Maryland, family law attorney. I can help you file the necessary paperwork to keep you safe from your abuser so you can live your life free of anxiety. Call me at 410-941-4760 or contact me online. We can discuss your options and next steps. In Columbia, I serve clients throughout central Maryland.