Working Together For A Smoother Divorce Process

Many times, a divorce brings unwanted pain and relational stress to family members. The strain from such a divorce can have long-lasting consequences.

Not all divorces have to end in heartbreak. I am here to help you pursue a positive outcome. I have the experience and commitment to you and your goals to see your process through. At my firm, Tracy Miller Law, LLC, in Columbia, Maryland, I approach your matter with the tact and compassion necessary to attain a collaborative, amicable resolution.

How Is Collaborative Divorce Different?

Rather than taking your divorce to court and letting a judge determine the final say, collaborative divorce is a way for you and your spouse to come to the desired outcome with no litigation and total control.

Each spouse obtains their own attorney who is qualified to handle collaborative divorce. Both parties meet for a series of meetings.

The goal of these meetings is to maintain a cooperative environment with the understanding that the court is not in the picture. Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • The ability to maintain control over the outcome and have your voice and concerns heard, rather than leaving it up to the court
  • Less emotional trauma for any children involved
  • A quicker overall process than litigation
  • Out of court and more private. Court processes are public record.
  • Stress is minimized when you know that hostile legal battles are out of the picture

Collaborative divorce also often ends up being much cheaper than pursuing the traditional method, as there are several fees associated with going to court.

The Personal Advocacy And Counsel You Need

I am equipped to stand in your corner and act as your advocate during the process, no matter how long it takes. I am confident that together, we can achieve your desired results. Don’t hesitate to call Tracy Miller Law, LLC, or contact me online to schedule your consultation! Serving the collaborative divorce needs of clients in Columbia and throughout the surrounding community.