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At my Columbia, Maryland firm, Tracy Miller Law, LLC, I am committed to helping families work through their child support and other family law matters. Family law issues can be overwhelming, and if the situation involves children, matters can become even more difficult to work through.

As a Columbia divorce attorney with extensive experience and knowledge in the field, I know what it takes to help my clients come up with efficient and effective solutions for your child support matters. Ensure that you are working with an attorney you trust! Get started on your case by requesting your initial consultation.

How Child Support Works In Maryland

In Maryland, both parents are required to support their children, even after divorce. The amount of child support that is granted will depend primarily upon each parent’s income and other resources, combined with the amount of time each parent spends with the children.

Typically, child support is determined by:

  • A formula used by the state of Maryland. This is based on each parent’s income. This is a general idea of what will be paid; every family has different things to consider, and the court or your agreement may depart from Maryland child support guidelines.
  • How much time the child or children spend with each parent. Most often the noncustodial parent will pay more. Child care costs will also affect child support payments.
  • Expenses such as health insurance.
  • Establishing paternity. Unmarried parents will need to sign an affidavit or petition to establish.

Ensuring that a favorable child support arrangement is in place is important for all parties involved in a divorce or separation. Raising a child can be costly, and receiving regular payments can help provide for the basic needs and care of minor children after the parents have separated.

The Maryland child support system is not automatic; it must be triggered by an order signed by a judge or government agency. Modifications can be made, and there are instances where child support may be terminated. As an attorney experienced in a broad base of family law issues, I can advise you as to what is likely to happen or how to approach support during settlement.

Get A Customized Solution For Your Child Support Case

Child support matters are not always easy to work through. Ensuring that you and your children are cared for is important, and I can actively work to help you reach an amicable resolution for your case. In the event that your case cannot be resolved amicably, I have the ability to litigate on your behalf in court, as a Columbia, Maryland, child support attorney.

I acknowledge that every client is going through a situation that is unique to them, and I ensure each individual I work with is provided with the customized counsel and tailored representation they deserve. Since I am devoted solely to the practice of family law, I am able to maintain a thorough and in-depth understanding of all laws pertaining to the Maryland family law system.

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