When Your Divorce Requires Litigation For Resolution

Sometimes divorce is necessary to resolve the relational conflict between spouses, but simply because it is necessary does not mean it is always easy. Each spouse has their own interests in mind, and this can lead to clashing opinions.

If you are preparing for a divorce, you may have questions about divorce litigation. At Tracy Miller Law, LLC, in Columbia, I understand the complexities associated with divorce litigation and can represent you with the strong defense you need in the courtroom. I also know that all situations are different! My legal counsel is personally tailored to your needs at the time and always keeps your best interests as the priority.

The Ups And Downs Of Divorce Litigation

Most couples hope to avoid divorce litigation if at all possible. When it does occur, it is typically over hot-button issues, such as child support or custody or finances. Depending on the circumstances, litigation can last up to two years. This puts a strain on all family members involved.

Maryland divorce litigation requires both spouses to have the representation of an attorney and if children are involved, an attorney may be selected on behalf of the children. It is typically more advantageous to try and work things out outside of the courtroom. Some of the disadvantages of divorce litigation include:

  • More costly in the long run
  • Often very adversarial in nature
  • Decision-making is left to outside third parties
  • Confidentiality is slim to none

Privacy is often prized very highly in divorce proceedings. When divorce litigation is involved, trials and hearings are open to the public. This alone can add to the stress and confusion of the situation.

However, it is not always possible, or in your best interest, to avoid court. If your divorce does end up in the throes of litigation, I am equipped to work with you, protect your interests and fight for what you deserve.

Trust Your Divorce Case To Capable Hands

Having worked with many families over a decade, you can place your case in my capable hands and get the peace of mind you desire. When you’re ready to learn more about the process and your options, call me at 410-941-4760 or contact me online. Serving the divorce litigation needs of clients in Columbia and throughout the surrounding communities.