4 benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Divorce

In contrast to the contentious and draining traditional divorce, collaborative divorce has gained popularity in recent years. This offers a more amicable, cooperative way to end your marriage.

There are several advantages to the collaborative approach.

1. Preserving amicable relationships

One of the leading benefits of a collaborative divorce is the civil, respectful nature of the process. You can avoid much of the hostility and resentment that results from traditional litigation with this approach. Instead, you can focus your energies on teamwork and open communication as you settle your divorce.

2. More control of the outcome

Collaborative divorce provides couples with more control over the process and the outcome of their divorce proceedings. This is a contrast to traditional divorce cases where the judge makes the final rulings.

3. Increased confidentiality

Since traditional divorce proceedings occur in a public courtroom, the information discussed becomes part of the court’s public records. This makes your personal information accessible to anyone who wishes to view it. Collaborative divorce provides greater privacy because you keep your negotiations and agreements out of court and off the public records.

4. Greater cost savings

Collaborative divorce typically takes a fraction of the time of traditional divorce. Since you eliminate the litigation process, that time savings translates to financial savings as well. Without the additional legal fees associated with litigation preparation, court appearances and research, your divorce ultimately costs you significantly less than it would with a standard process. After all, the average divorce costs more than $11,000, though a collaborative divorce might only cost a few hundred.

When you and your ex-spouse can work together well enough, a collaborative divorce might provide the approach that you need to settle your relationship.