Could A Collaborative Divorce Work For Me?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Family Law

Many people enjoy following stories about knock-down, drag-out celebrity divorces. But few want to go through such a contentious divorce themselves. Besides the stress and rancor of a nasty divorce, there is the expense of a drawn-out legal proceeding with nearly constant court filings, hours of negotiations and court hearings.

Most traditional divorces don’t go to the extremes of the latest dramatic Hollywood split-up but still take time and expense to complete. For many Columbia couples, there is a better way.

Collaborating instead of competing

Collaborative divorce is a process in which the spouses work together, typically through tools like negotiation and mediation, to settle all important matters before actually filing for divorce. A successful collaborative divorce can save both spouses a lot of money and time. It can also leave both sides feeling like they had a say in property division, child custody arrangements and more. Reduced tensions and a sense of ownership over the final result often mean the final order is sustainable long-term. The exes often feel better about the process and are better prepared to start their new lives.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone. You and your spouse must be able and willing to sit down together and negotiate. For many people, this is too emotionally difficult and could be physically dangerous if domestic violence was a factor in the relationship. Or there could be an aspect of your divorce that is too controversial between you to be able to settle it in good faith. But if you and your spouse are willing to try collaborative divorce, you each will need your own attorney representing you and working in your individual best interests. Your attorney should be someone experienced with how collaborative law works in Maryland.