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When people are faced with serious complications regarding their divorce or family law concerns, they may not know where to turn or who to trust. At Tracy Miller Law, LLC, I am proud to offer outstanding representation to each and every one of my clients, and I may be able to help you as well. I pride myself on always being accessible to my clients and I work diligently to ensure that each individual who retains my representation is confident in my ability to provide amicable resolutions to their cases.

In this section, I have compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding family law and divorce; however, if you find that you are still seeking answers, do not hesitate to contact Tracy Miller Law, LLC today to schedule a consultation with a Columbia, MD family lawyer.

How long does a divorce proceeding last?
Each divorce case is different, and depending on the specifics of the case, you may be see your divorce last anywhere from about six months to a little over a year. Working with the right attorney can help expedite the process and give you a more clear projection of the overall time frame for your case.

Who will get custody of my children?
There are a number of factors that a family law judge will take into consideration when determining custody of a child. The child's relationship with the parents, the ability to provide for a child, and the parent's employment, insurance and living arrangements can all play a role in the outcome of a custody case. The best way to ensure that your parenting rights are protected is to work with Tracy Miller Law, LLC.

How do I obtain child support?
If you need to enforce a child support order, or if you are looking to obtain a favorable child support amount during a divorce proceeding, it is imperative that you work with an attorney. My firm can immediately begin to develop a strong case for you to ensure that fair child support payments are ordered and paid in a timely manner.

I want to adopt. Am I eligible?
In the state of Maryland, adults at least 21 years or older, regardless of whether they are single, married, widowed or divorced, may be eligible to adopt. Gay and lesbian adoptions are legal in the state as well. There are a few other considerations that an adoptive agency, prospective birth parent, or court may take into consideration, and Tracy Miller Law, LLC can help determine your full eligibility.

What do I do if I am being abused by my spouse?
Victims of domestic violence need to know that they have options for safety. You and your family have rights, and working with Tracy Miller Law, LLC can help ensure that they are protected. When you retain the representation of my firm, I can thoroughly review your case and quickly file any necessary restraining orders or divorce paperwork as necessary.

Do I need an attorney?
Absolutely! You should never face the Maryland family law courts alone. The laws and regulations pertaining to legal separation agreements, divorce, adoption, and child custody can be difficult to understand. When you work with my firm, I can work diligently to provide you with outstanding representation for your case and help you reach an amicable resolution as quickly as possible.

Does Tracy Miller Law, LLC provide consultations?
Yes! I am proud to provide consultations to all potential clients. When you work with my firm, I can help you understand your case and provide you with personalized information regarding your situation. Contact my firm today to discuss rates!

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If you find that you still have questions or concerns regarding your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact a Columbia, MD family attorney right away. At Tracy Miller Law, LLC, I can aggressively pursue a desirable resolution to your case. I can ensure that all legal documentation is filed in a timely and correct fashion and help keep you informed throughout the process. Do not hesitate to contact Tracy Miller Law, LLC today and schedule a consultation!

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