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Family law cases can be difficult to handle. Emotions may be running high, and the law can be confusing. Even amicable divorces can reach a boiling point when child custody is discussed and assets and property are divided.

At Tracy Miller Law, LLC, I understand that this time in your life can be difficult, but without the guidance of an attorney, you could be facing an even more difficult battle. When you work with my firm, we can work diligently to provide you with trusted legal representation and quality service to ensure that you receive the best possible resolution to your case. Regardless of the concern that you may be facing, we may be able to help.

Our Practice Areas

Family Law

Family Law

Personal Guidance For Family Law Matters. From child custody battles to seeking fair alimony payments, I can help with it all.



Simplify The Divorce Process. You don’t want to be stuck in an endless court battle. Let me ease the process for you.

Best Interests Of The Children

Best Interests Of The Children

Understanding The Best Interests Of The Children. From child custody and support to handling delicate CINA cases, I’m here to assist you and your children.  

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Helping With Domestic Violence Issues. If you are struggling with domestic violence in your home, I can help provide legal protection.

Don’t Go Through This Alone

Many people assume that they can take on the Maryland family law courts alone; however, this is never recommended. The laws and regulations dictate that family law cases can be difficult to understand, and attempting to traverse the legal system alone can be treacherous. You should never have to face the courts, or your spouse, without the guidance of an attorney.
When you work with Tracy Miller Law, LLC I can help you to understand how the law applies to your case and I can create a personalized strategy to help you obtain the resolution you deserve. You may be able to achieve a better outcome if you work with Tracy Miller Law, LLC from the beginning of your case. Read more about why you need an attorney.

Dedicated Representation. Trusted Counsel.

I am proud to provide my clients with individualized representation to help meet their needs. Each client who retains my counsel can receive a custom-tailored legal strategy. I understand that each family’s dynamic is unique and that you deserve to be treated as an individual. Here are some of the things that I can help you with:
  • reaching an amicable resolution to a divorce or separation agreement
  • guiding you through the laws and processes regarding child custody and support
  • protecting the rights and best interests of children in child custody and CINA cases
  • defending the rights of individuals who are victims of domestic violence
  • assisting families throughout the adoption process

My clients are important to me and you can rest assured that you will be working directly with me.

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“Tracy Miller was thorough and very pleasant. Tracy and her team were very responsive to email/phone and provided adequate information. I highly recommend Tracy Miller. You will not be disappointed with the services she provides.”

— Anonymous | Savage, MD

A wonderful experience

“I must say that this was truly a wonderful experience. Tracy and her staff were professional at all times and were always there to answer my questions. Tracy stayed on task of what I wanted the end results to be and she delivered! I will always be grateful to Tracy and her staff!”

— G. Hodges